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We specialize in estate planning for Virginia individuals and families.  Let us help protect your God-Given assets.


Whether you are faced with health concerns, are starting your family, or someone who has other complex estate planning needs, we have the expertise and will take the time to understand your unique situation and goals. By asking the right questions and presenting clear options, we will help you develop a plan that meets your needs & goals.


We are here for you now and as your needs change.


Addressing Your Estate Planning Needs



The decision to draft a will, trust, or other critical estate planning documents is an important one, that protects you, your wishes, and a legacy for your family. This area of the law is always changing, and the guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer is essential to ensure that you are making the best decisions to protect you, your family and estate.




The distibution of assets upon death and protecting family legacies



Living, revocable and irrevocable trusts can be used to manage your assets wile on this earth, direct the distribution of your assets upon death, optimize tax strategies, provide for a family member with special needs, and avoid probate.

Powers of Attorney


Designate the parameters of authority, and agent(s) most suited to make decisions in the best interst of the principle.

Advance Medical Directives


Memorialize a person's wishes for health and medical care during incapacitation and end-of-life events, and name a person(s) who can legally advocate for those wishes.

Our Mission 


is to make sure that our clients are able to get their needs and desires met for the protection of their assets and their loved ones, through all of lifes different stages.